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RNAi Epigenetics Gene Regulation


RNAi RNAi is a specific, potent, and highly successful approach for loss-of-function studies in virtually all eukaryotic organisms. There are several appropriate tools to induce RNAi—synthetic siRNA, RNAi vectors, and in vitro dicing—depending on your model system, the length of time you require knockdown, and other experimental parameters.


Synthetic small interfering RNA (siRNA) resulting in high levels of knockdown for transient knockdown experiments.


RNAi Transfection

Lipofectamine® RNAiMAX transfection reagent for easy, highly efficient siRNA-specific transfections in a wide range of cell types.

In Vivo RNAi

Custom RNAi oligos for in vivo delivery are available with a variety of purification options, including in vivo HPLC purity and endotoxin-tested.

Learn more about in vivo RNAi

Vector-Based RNAi

Pol II miR and Pol III shRNA vector-based RNAi for long-term, stable RNAi or for RNAi in difficult-to-transfect cells.

Virus-Based RNAi

Adenoviral vectors for transient delivery, and lentiviral vectors for stable delivery in dividing and nondividing cells.

RNAi Target Screening

Rapidly screen siRNAs or RNAi vectors to identify those that provide the most effective knockdown.

Dicer siRNA

Diced siRNA pools provide highly potent knockdown and a cost-effective preliminary approach for in vitro synthesized RNAi.

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